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    The evocative nature of the places, the enchantment of the atmosphere, mysticism seems to extend everywhere. Stay in Umbria, land of simplicity and flavors, spend a weekend in Umbria, experience the intensity of a passion that arises from meeting with historic sites and ancient dwellings.
    The "green heart of Italy" is called Umbria, a land where there are no great blessings, paradise where enchanting and radiant nature reign uncontaminated, Umbria: the land where the mystical heart of our nation reigns, as attest to S. Benedetto, S. Chiara and the noble St. Francis.
    Small Umbria is equally rich in hilly villages, each of which has artistic and architectural treasures, historic residences and ancient mansions where today it is possible to stay by breathing the atmospheres of a time. Talking about "historical center" for each of these countries is inadequate, it is limiting because cultural, monumental and historical elements are so widespread and widespread. For a holiday made of quiet walks, in contact with nature and history, Umbria is the most suitable place.

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    Do not miss the opportunity to visit Perugia and its endless beauties during your vacation at Abbazia Collemedio.
    Perugia is a city that was born and developed in the Etruscan era, strategically located on the hill top. Even today it is possible to admire the walls, which were already built in the 4th century BC, built for defensive purposes.
    Perugia is also very famous abroad, for its houses the oldest and most important Foreign University in Italy and is therefore a multicultural city, very alive both day and night, with many restaurants and locals, especially for young people, where to drink, listen to music and taste the delicacies of the region.
    what to do in perugia
    Among squares, monuments, museums and panoramic views, Perugia is a city to visit without hesitation:
    • Palace of the People's Captain
    • Gallenga Stuart Palace (University of Foreign Affairs)
    • Morlacchi Theater
    • Piazza IV Novembre, which houses the Fountain of the Fountain and overlooks the Palazzo dei Priori and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.
    • Etruscan walls and doors (Etruscan arch, Porta Marzia, Porta Trasimenna, Sun Gate), and the medieval walls and gates (Sant'Angelo, San Pietro, Santa Susanna)
    • Basilica of San Domenico, the largest church in Umbria
    • Corso Vannucci, the Salotto Buono di Perugia, which connects Piazza IV Novembre to Piazza Italia

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    Situated less than 40 km from Abbazia Collemedio, Assisi is without doubt one of the places that is worth the visit, to enrich your stay in Umbria.
    Apart from the many beauties in the city, Assisi enjoys an international reputation thanks to its most famous son: St. Francis of Assisi, the first saint in Church History as well as Patron of Italy.

    What to see in Assisi
    • The Basilica of Saint Francis. Considered the most famous destination in Assisi, the Basilica of San Francesco, consisting of two structures (Basilica Inferiore and Upper Basilica), houses the remains of the Saint. For this reason it is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Of great interest are the great scenes with the Stories of St. Francis, which fill all the central center of the nave in the Upper Basilica.
    • The Basilica of Santa Chiara, which houses the ruins of the famous saint who followed the pattern of St. Francis and represented a charismatic figure for the city of Assisi.
    • Major Rocca. Built around 1173, it has for centuries been the main fortification in Assisi. The panoramic view of the valley is unparalleled.
    • Town Square. Very interesting because one of the few secular points in Assisi.
    • Temple of Minerva. Overlooking the town square and built in Roman times and probably dedicated to Hercules, today in spite of the name is actually another Catholic Church.

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    Gubbio is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, not just Umbria. Its characteristic streets, its historic center, the uphill streets, and the many historical palaces that hosts, contribute to its unique atmosphere, typical of a movie set. Not by chance, Gubbio, was chosen as a location for a famous Italian TV show.
    What to see in Gubbio
    • The Gubbio Cathedral. Also known as the Basilica of the Saints Mariano and Giacomo martyrs, the Gubbio Cathedral contains works of art from the most famous sixteenth-century eugenian artists.
    • The Palazzo Ducale, residence in Renaissance style, built by Duke Federico di Montefeltro.
    • Piazza Grande, where you can visit the Consoli Palace, where you will find the Municipal Museum and the famous Eugubine Tables.
    • The Roman Theater, home to important events, today as at the time (1st century BC).
    • The Basilica of Sant'Ubaldo. Accessible by the cable car, from the center of the village, up to the mountain overlooking Gubbio, is the Basilica of the Patron Saint.
    • Craftsmen's Shops. The city is full and you will be literally kidnapped, especially those of blacksmiths.
    Do not forget to taste typical products like grow on panaro (poor meal based on maize flour, cooked in the oven and then garnished with vegetables and / or salami) in addition to the various truffle dishes.

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    Just 35 km from Abbazia Collemedio, Foligno is an ideal destination for a short half-day excursion.
    Featuring a historic center rich in artistic and cultural beauty, Foligno is a pleasant town to go for even on foot or by bicycle as, unlike other famous destinations in Umbria, develops on a flat stretch. Ideal for a nice walk.
    • Canapé Park, between Porta Todi and Porta Romana, is a starting point for a stroll through the streets of the city center.
    • Piazza San Domenico where you can visit the Church of San Domenica and Santa Maria Infraportas.
    • The Duomo, located on Piazza della Repubblica, from which to admire one of the city's longest past. The architectural complex is also composed of the Palazzo Comunale and Palazzo Trinci.
    • Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Annunziata, where you can admire the work of the painter Gino De Dominicis, the "Cosmic Calamity", a 20th century artwork.

    Like in every Umbria town, Foligno is also renowned for its enogastronomic heritage. In particular, mushrooms, legumes, truffles and of course wine and an excellent extra virgin olive oil, are the excellences that have made this territory famous throughout Italy and beyond.

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    Perched on Mount Subasio, only 45 km from the Abbazia Collemedio, Spello is one of the most beautiful villages in Umbria, characterized by typical uphill roads.
    Spello is particularly famous for The Infiorata, an official event that is held once a year for Corpus Domini, and consists of the presentation of drawings and paintings made entirely of a sophisticated flower arrangement.
    In the Chapel Baglioni - a powerful family of Perugia - located within the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore di Spello, there are vast and beautiful frescoes by Bernardino of Betto Betti, known as the Pinturicchio.
    With Perugino and Raffaello, Pinturicchio was one of the great Umbrian masters of the fifteenth century and this visit to Spello.
    In the Baglioni Chapel you can see live the cycle of frescoes dating back to 1501 on the Annunciation, the Adoration of Pastors, and the Dispute of Jesus with Doctors.
    A note especially for Spello's typical products, including once again the extra virgin olive oil, also known as Spello's gold.

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    Considered one of the most beautiful medieval towns, only 20 km from the Abbazia Collemedio, Todi is surely one of the most well-known cities in Umbria.
    The historic center is full of small masterpieces to discover, even in a short excursion, given the proximity to the Relais. For example, a few steps away from Piazza del Popolo, there is the Church of San Fortunato, which houses the relics of the poet Jacopone da Todi, considered among the leading poets of the Italian Middle Ages.
    Under the Piazza del Popolo, there are also Cisterns built in Roman times to collect rain water. It is estimated that the city's rich underground heritage is made up of over 5 kilometers of tunnels and galleries, more than 30 cisterns (pre-Romanesque, Roman and medieval) and even 500 wells.

    • Piazza del Popolo. It is characterized by a rich complex of medieval buildings on which the Duomo dell'Annunziata, the Palazzo dei Priori, the Capitano Palace and the People's Palace are located.
    • Cathedral of Saint Anthony, Todi Cathedral, dating back to the 12th century.
    • Palazzo dei Priori, located near the Capitano Palace and Palazzo del Popolo
    • Capitano Palace and People's Palace, stand next to each other and today are the seat of the Town Hall and the Civic Museum of Todi.
    • The Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione, a work of international importance in the field of Renaissance architecture. Paternity is controversial, for some it would be attributed to the famous architect Donato Bramante.

    The village of Deruta, nearby Perugia, is less than 10 km from Abbazia Collemdio, is known for the production of artistic ceramics [2]. Located on a hill located 15 km from Perugia and is considered among the most beautiful villages in Italy.
    Next to the ancient walled wall is the old part of the village where, by climbing three doors of the ancient defensive system, you enter the old town. The main gate is called Porta Sant'Angelo, the other minor are called Porta Perugina and Porta del Borgo or Tuderte. From the historic center, the two civic towers and the bell tower of the Church of San Francesco are erected.

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    The village of Deruta, nearby Perugia, is less than 10 km from Abbazia Collemdio, is known for the production of artistic ceramics [2]. Located on a hill located 15 km from Perugia and is considered among the most beautiful villages in Italy.
    Next to the ancient walled wall is the old part of the village where, by climbing three doors of the ancient defensive system, you enter the old town. The main gate is called Porta Sant'Angelo, the other minor are called Porta Perugina and Porta del Borgo or Tuderte. From the historic center, the two civic towers and the bell tower of the Church of San Francesco are erected.

    • St. Francis Church from which comes the Perugino fresco: Eternal Father with the Roccoli and Romans
    • Church of Sant'Antonio Abate with frescoes by Bartolomeo Caporali and Giovanni Battista Caporali
    • Sanctuary of the Madonna del Bagno with over 700 ex-majolica vote.
    • Church of Sant'Angelo from which came the floor of the Church of St. Francis.
    • Church of the Madonna della Cerasa or of Divine Love, located in the Valley.
    • Church of Sant'Anna located in the Borgo.
    • Church of the Madonna delle Piaggie, located along Via Tiberina.
    • Church of Santa Maria di Roncione located near Castelleone.
    • Church of the Madonna of the Child in the nearby Fanciullata.
    • Church of the Madonna dei Pantanelli in the nearby St. Nicholas of Celle.
    • Municipal Picture Gallery
    • Regional Ceramic Museum
    • Museum of the Grazia majolica factory
    • Casalina Natural History Museum

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    At Abbazia Collemedio we like to pamper you and void all fuss dealing with driving in Italy.. We do organize weekly escursions to the most known Umbrian cultural spots:

    N.B ( please every place need to be linked up to its cultural highlights see above)
    For further info please contact direct at +39 0758789401 or mail to infor@abbaziacollemedio.it

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    Cookery Class

    Are you in masterchef mood?? Do not worry get your holiday an extra hint by joining our top cookery class session.
    It does not matter if you a beginner or a skilled one, our great team supervised from our Chef, will assist you in this great Italy foodie experience.
    Fun & a good overview on Italian staple recipes are guaranteed, so once back home you can impress your family and friends.
    Cookery class are available on selected days

    Please feel free to contact us in order to secure your place
    by mail at info@abbaziacollemedio.it or fill the form

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    Wine Tasting

    We will take to one of our long term and well known wine factory partner, where a full wine experience can be taken.
    We can visit its vine yard and have a free tasting on selected wines.
    It is an Umbria best activity to joing while here.