• History about the Abbazia Collemedio

    Considered a structure of central Italy that best represents the history and tradition of these areas strongly linked to religious tradition. 

    Inside are obvious and appreciable testimonies of the Roman temple which stood in this place before the construction of the Abbey. Since 1200 Benedictine monastery and later one of the four monasteries of  St. Francis of Assisi . A select place and time chosen for its fabulous location that tells us a long history with very precious architectural and artistic heritage. And today even more enhanced by exhibitions of works of art by leading sculptors and local art workshops. A place, a holiday to tell time.

    Collemedio Abbey  is one of the  most representative  structures of the Umbria region. Located at the center of the region stands out, with its 55 rooms, for  the high standard  of services and  hospitality  which reserves to its customers in the name of  traditional Italian hospitality . Its  renowned cuisine  offers sophisticated menus with recipes  typical regional  and national which can be enjoyed in its  elegant restaurant . Thanks to the incredible panorama is one of the most fascinating locations in central Italy certainly ideal place for weddings, ceremonies, events and high-level events.